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With the recent advent of technology, the sophistication of cleaning machines have increased by leaps and bounds ultimately revolutionizing the cleaning industry by a factor that is unfathomable. One of the best known solution when it comes to commercial and industrial cleaning are the High pressure cleaners.

High pressure cleaners offer different levels of cleaning gradients on various surfaces or materials. These machines have different range of capacities from light duty to professional heavy duty use. High pressure cleaners utilize water and creates with it an impact to clean surfaces, results are proven to be four to five times as more clean than manual labour. These machines are perfect for construction cleaning, pavement cleaning, cleaning pallets, cleaning farms, trucks and more. No electrical supply? There are also the engine driven high pressure cleaners that are solution to that.

There are also different attachments to high pressure cleaners, one of which is the Turbo Nozzle. These turbo nozzles are very efficient and useful as it combines the force of the 0-degree nozzle, while creating a wide spray area. When it hits a surface, it rotates the jet so fast to create a round cone shape coming from the nozzle tip. Aside from turbo nozzles, there are also drain nozzles that are commonly used to clean pipelines and hatches.

In all these years, before such machines were invented, companies had to resort with a lot of problems by hiring massive manpower resources to scrub or clean whatever needs to be cleaned manually. This incurred huge losses and was time consuming as well. Thanks to such machines, these problems are a thing of the past. Most companies hesitate before investing in such heavy duty machines, but the efficiency of these machines are off the charts and could be any day considered over manual cleaning.

Clean City offers state of the art cleaning machines that are mostly targeted towards the commercial and the industrial sector. Clean City has several cleaning machines that are all set to revolutionize the cleaning industry.

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