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Hydroblast cleaning is a very effective solution in stripping down paints from walls, asbestos removal, water jet cutting, surface cleaning, vessel cleaning, pipe cleaning, and many more. This method in cleaning is considered the new age revolutionized way in accomplishing such tasks that would normally require massive manpower and resources to effectuate. Paint stripping was one of the many predicaments people have to deal with in the past. Cement based paints, hard enamels and two pack epoxy coatings are known to be very difficult to be removed, for this and many other reasons, hydroblast machines came into fruition to provide solution to almost all large-scale cleaning problems. Hydroblasting / hydroblast equipment has many advantages- it is an eco-friendly machine using only water in performing its function, this machine will save you the recurring cost of manual labour, and its effectiveness is far off the charts compared with manual labour. For example, removing paint from ship manually would normally require 7 days to finish, while this can be achieved only within minutes by using hydroblast equipment. (The video below shows how this is done. The output power of the equipment causes paint dirt to scatter all over the area. )

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There are also different accessories available to the hydroblast equipment's, one of which is the turbo nozzle. These are attached to the tip of the gun causing the PSI output rating of the machine to increase. Turbo nozzles are very efficient and useful as it combines the force of the 0-degree nozzle, while creating a wide spray area. When it hits a surface, it rotates the jet so fast to create a round cone shape coming from the nozzle tip.

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In the video above, you can see how the hydroblast equipment is used in a method called hydrodemolition. The power of the machine causes rock debris to scatter all over the area. This revolutionalized method has become widely popular for concrete removal and surface preparation throughout Europe and North America.

There is no denying that in the second millennia (our generation), technology is taking its huge role in the daily activities of every company. It is just as rational as it gets to invest in a solution where your process can speed up by at least 300%. Clean City offers state of the art hydroblasting equipment's up to 21,000 PSI (1500 bar) sourced from Europe and North America and comes with complete after sales services. Do not be a luddite resisting progress, think forward, let technology and Clean City be your partner to success!

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