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Like a city riddled with villains in the movies; dirt, grime, grease and germs will reign when there is no one to stop the forces of the unclean. We need heroes to protect us from their harmful onslaught. Meet the superpowers of pressure cleaners. Meet the Clean City Commercial line up of high pressure cleaners.

While Other high pressure cleaners in the market offer limited and unreliable cleaning powers, Clean City Commercial products come in a variety of durable high pressure cleaners for any type of requirement. To each its' own specific functionality and specialty that will eradicate the villains of the unclean.


Wuli’s cold-water high pressure cleaners are durable for long hours of daily professional use including cleaning machines, vehicles and buildings. High pressure cleaners can be provided with electric motors in various voltages, frequencies and phases to precisely meet local electrical standards.


  • Triplex high pressure pump with ceramic plungers.
  • Foldable handle for easy storage.
  • Durable 10 meter high pressure hose with working pressure of 2250 psi/4250 psi.
  • Spray gun trigger with automatic shutoff for energy.
  • Adjustable ceramic spray nozzles for long hours of use.


  • Transportation Machinery Cleaning
  • Car Washes
  • Construction Sites
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Environment Protection Industry
  • Farm Equipment Cleaning
  • And More..


And with this great responsibility to clean, comes great power. And power also comes in Clean City Commercial, Inc's arsenal of high pressure pumps.



  • Triplex ceramic plunger
  • Die cast aluminum-zinc alloy crankcase
  • Forged brass manifold
  • Durable seal design


  • Cleaning: Ideal for use with cars, buses, trains, aircraft, ships, buildings and construction sites.
  • Pressure Testing: Testing couplings, hardware, hoses or pipes.
  • Carwash System: High-volume pumps are suitable for a wide range of carwash tunnels and multi-bay establishments.
  • Misting System: Flash evaporation mist cooling for applications of all sizes.
  • Add Humidity: Fine droplet misting for mushroom farms, textile mills and other factories.
  • Neutralize Odor: Spray disinfectant or fragrances to improve air quality.
  • And More..

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And like the heroes that we are, we have a base to serve our clients regarding customer service and after sales concerns. Just contact us at our hotline and we'll be happy to serve you.

People of the city! Never fear, for Clean City Commercial Superpowers is here!

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