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Don't be a mess, avoid the clutter and CLAYGO, clean as you go. These are just some of the adages we encounter in the industry. Regardless of the size, whether industrial or household, a clean environment is conducive to the people who work around it. Small, medium and big enterprises always encourage cleanliness in the work place. The practical reason behind being clean is because through cleanliness progress follows. It is not just for aesthetics but for excellent marketing strategy for businesses and even households.

The correlation between a clean environment and health is imminent. The cleaner the workplace, the healthier the people around it. The number of sick leaves are lessened therefore contributing to productivity. An establishment where everything is spick and span will impress new and existing clients to patronize your business – especially if you are in the business of production and manufacturing business. Extend the life of your assets and minimize wear and tear through proper care. Rugs, floorings, surface tiles and other equipment last longer if cared for with the right cleaning tools. “Less mess is best!” All of these taken into consideration and you're on your way to productivity.

To keep up with the demands of every clientele, Clean City Commercial, Inc specializes in providing the right cleaning machines for household to industrial requirements:

1.) Topper is one of the most versatile machine in the category of Vacuum Cleaners. Ideal for cleaning big floor areas, this machine features two motors with suction power of up to 2400W. Topper has a carpet extractor for cleaning carpet, and plush flooring's and has 63 liters of tank capacity. More info about this machine can be found here.

2.) GV-Etna is an industrial vacuum cleaner with a built in steam generator. This machine is perfect for cleaning appliances and sanitizing inanimate surfaces. The steam generated by this machine is very effective in removing stains, dirt, grease, and other particles that cannot be removed by vacuum alone. More info about this machine can be found here.

3.) Idrolava is a vacuum cleaner designed ideally for household to commercial use. This machine is a specialized vacuum cleaner with water filtration allowing the output of materials or surfaces cleaned as more fresh than normal vacuum cleaners. Idrolava also has a carpet extractor that proves this handy machine can clean almost all kinds of floorings. More info about this machine can be found here.

4.) More of our products can be found here.

Let's start being clean with the right equipment for the job. No mess is too small nor too big for our company. Our expertise and experience in the commercial cleaning market is your guarantee. Clean City Commercial, Inc is your partner to progress.

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