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When you spend most time of your everyday life at the office, it inevitably becomes the reflection of your habits and interests. When you have pictures of your children on the desk, your co-workers see you as a loving parent. When you have certificates and diplomas on the walls, they see you as a professional in your niche. And when you have a dusty keyboard, dirty coffee cups and papers all over the place, they can start to negatively judge your performance.

Ask yourself this question:

If you cannot manage your office, then how can you manage your employees? If you cannot manage this little space, then how can you manage your entire life?

Yet this is not only about how other people see you. It is also about what a dirty office can do to your health and well-being. When you eat at your desk and leave a dirty plate or a cup there, when you have spills and trash all over the place, and when you wait until the pile of papers on your desk will look more like the Pisa Tower, you are going to have serious problems. You can experience a condition from those so-known “building related diseases”. There might be a case when you do not get enough airflow in the office and you get allergies or asthma brought by dust and mold, and in this air, which is not moving, the colds and viruses spread easier.

The workplace is the place where you do not necessarily suspect to encounter filth, but you often do. A study conducted by Kimberly-Clark Professional showed that the office environment is a dirty place, and the dirtiest are the floorings, sink and microwave door handles. Sinks and toilets in the breakroom, keyboards, microwave and refrigerator door handles, and water fountain and vending machine buttons – all those are the places, which you and other people in the office come into contact every day. You might not know anything about those people, their habits and health conditions, but you use the same items as they do. The workplaces can be quickly re-contaminated. Germs can stay on surfaces on up to two days, and you want to make sure you do not take them into your system.

How to prevent this?

Start by taking care of your own space. Research has shown that the office desk has 400 times more germs than the toilet seat. Scary? Indeed. Make sure to sanitize your workspace. Start with your desk, your keyboard, phone, mouse, mousepad, if you have one, and so on. Remove all the stains using a spray bottle with the mixture of water and vinegar. Make sure to be thorough with the task. If you are afraid to forget to do this routine on a daily basis, place some sanitizing wipes to stay on your desk, as well as where the others can see and use them.

Cleaning the dust is a must, if you do not want to betray your lungs by breathing it in. All the electronics attract the dust – everything that is static attracts the dust. To be more careful with the screens, use a microfiber cloth or electronics wipe to degerm surfaces. Next, clean your laptop or external keyboard. You can use a brush to remove dust and crumbs in between the keys. As for the external keyboard, you can turn it over and tap the back of it above a trashcan. This does not guarantee the 100% result, but this will remove the crumbs that the brush does not reach. Sanitize everything. It is important for you to make sure everything is not only free of dust, but also sanitized. Purchase wipes, bottle spray, sanitizer – anything that can help you degerm your workspace.

Look around you. Dust and germs are on all surfaces. Once you have taken care of those that can be wiped and sanitized, move to the floor. If you have a carpet, it definitely collects lots of dust, skin and other things that you do not want to be breathing. Start by collecting all the visible trash from the floor, like papers or other things. When this is done, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet - Our Idrolava with Carpet Extractor will do just that for you! Having a vacuum cleaner and using it in the office is necessary, because it is quick and efficient in removing all those unwanted and unhealthy things from the floor. If there are stains on the carpet, a very helpful tool will be our Lava 3-in-1 with Carpet Extractor and Shampooer, the function of the shampooer will work very effectively to remove those unwanted stains easily. If there is no carpeting, you can use our standard wet and dry vacuum cleaners!

Sanitizing surfaces and vacuuming or scrubbing the floor are the daily routines to keep you healthy. There are also procedures that are recommended to be performed on a weekly, monthly and even semi-annual and annual bases. On a monthly basis, perform spray buffing or burnishing a floor with a floor buffer or low or high-speed burnisher. Burnishing the floor will help you to prevent the floor from wearing off quickly and you from inhaling trash.

There are many machines that will make your work life healthier and easier, such as sweepers, scrubbers, carpet extractors, vacuum cleaners, and so on. The right cleaning machines are the key to the office health.

From household vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners with water filtration, to three motor vacuum cleaners and specialized vacuum cleaners with steam generators - Clean City has it for you!

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Tidying your office not only gives you the immediate feeling of being clean, organized and clear, but it also makes your office existence easier by reducing the chaos. Cleanliness is progress, and it is time for your office to be progressive.

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